5pcs FDA Face Mask Flexible Ear Strap Adjustable Extender

3.50 $

* Premium Ear Pain Relief Comfort Non-Slip Face Mask Accessories
* COLORS: Black, Blue, Red, Purple, Yellow
* Flexible plastic, primitive without impurities, soft to create a sense of smoothness when wearing and holding a
mask to prevent dust from entering the gap.
* The product has multiple wear levels suitable for all ages, can be adjusted to the appropriate size.
* Adjustable Mask Hook Guard Straper
* Protects, prevents painful ears, fit masks for small ears, good for F&B, healthcare & hijab wearers, extend &
tighten mask


Functional design: Flexible
Dimensional tolerance: <±1mm
Product Name: Reusable Silicone Ear Hook
Color: Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Purple
Material: FDA Grade Silicone


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